A complete life change

Aeon Harwood has had a complete life-change after working for the same company for 27 years.  He was a Business Process Consultant for a local technology company, where he was also a Director. Now at KWL he is working as Warehouse and Distributions Manager.

Many of the key principles he employed as a process consultant are being applied in his current role. Putting solutions in place to improve efficiency and productivity.

After 27 years with the same company, Aeon has thoroughly enjoyed the change of career, which has involved replacing a shirt and tie with workwear trousers and high-vis.

At the moment, Aeon is managing 12 people, but with the potential for this to increase as the business develops.

KWL was a customer of Aeon’s so he already had good knowledge of the company and how it works. Still, the last 6 months have been an enjoyable learning curve, understanding the intricacies of stores management – a complex system using data and processes to manage stock, orders, deliveries, returns and making sure operatives have all of the materials required to do their job effectively.

Aeon explains:

“Our department is critical to the success of the business. The stores is a similar operation to the likes of B&Q, but instead of the public, we are supplying KWL operatives with all the materials they need to carry out construction and maintenance works on a daily basis. This can be anything from plasterboard to paint and taps to timber. As much as possible we aim to pre-prepare the orders, but throughout the day we have operatives calling in for other specific items, so we’re busy all of the time.”

Originally from London, Aeon came up to study at Hull University and within 6 months of graduating made himself a permanent resident, cementing a role at a local IT company. The area was so attractive, that his mum and sister have moved up north as well.

“I loved growing up in London but after doing work experience and travelling on the Tube to work, I knew I wanted to explore other areas of the country. There is a great sense of community in the East Riding. I know my neighbours which is a rare occurrence living in London.

“As soon as I joined KWL, the whole team made me feel very welcome. It has been a huge change but having the relationship with KWL already, has helped me to fit well into the office environment and the stores team.”

Aeon has four sons and lives in Beverley, where he coaches rugby and now that he has a better work/life balance, one thing that Aeon enjoys is playing a bit of snooker on a Friday night after work.