Covid-19 – Working Safely at KWL

KWL continue to deliver repairs and maintenance services for our clients in Hull and the surrounding areas.

Working in accordance with government instruction and guidance, since the introduction of the “lockdown” measures, as at the end of May 2020, KWL has completed over 11,000 repairs and gas appliance service visits in occupied residential properties. 

KWL employees work in accordance with the social distancing measures, use PPE where appropriate and clean up after they have finished their work. KWL employees also clean their hands before and after working in a property and will only enter a property after talking to the occupier and completing a safety checklist. 

By adopting the appropriate safe working practices, there has been no occurrence of COVID-19 transmission between KWL employees and any of the residents in the 8,000+ properties where we have delivered essential repairs in the two months following the introduction of the lockdown.

Existing and new customers can have peace of mind that KWL can be relied upon to deliver repairs and maintenance whilst maintaining the safety of residents, visitors and KWL employees.