Creating conversations and making connections at KWL

KWL attracts and recruits outstanding employees and has created a dynamic team with a positive culture, where job satisfaction is high and career opportunities are plentiful.

It’s no secret that the public and private sectors are very different, but KWL has blended best-practices from both, resulting in a unique business with a balance of private sector work ethic, backed by social values.

To help us achieve our business objectives, training and people development is key. Our model is focused on investing in local people and providing excellent employment opportunities.

These opportunities include proactive career progression, training for practical skills, as well as; coaching, group work, interpersonal communication skills and individual action planning.

As part of this, Endor Learn and Develop have been supporting KWL with a number of initiatives, over the last few years. The sessions have included:

  • Supervision in action
  • Manage the message
  • Managing performance
  • Developing people
  • Delivering results through others
  • Motivation and morale

Roger Grannon, Chief Operations Officer says: “KWL does not stand still. We are always looking for ways to engage and inform our people in order to help them flourish. We know that this approach is not always typical of the construction industry.”

The following reel shows some highlights from the ‘Delivering Results Through Others’ Supervisory Skills programme.

Cain Foston, Electrical Supervisor explains: “I feel well supported by KWL. The training we receive is definitely helping to develop my career and this training specifically has been useful within the work place.

“I found the sessions with Endor very helpful due to being relatively new to my supervisory role. It opened my eyes to different techniques when communicating with people. A few of the skills I learned have already come into practice in my day-to-day role.”

Chris Watson, Director of Endor says: “We have really enjoyed working with KWL. It’s clear from the way their people behave, that it’s a great place to work.”

Tony Kirk.  KWL Fleet Supervisor said: “I’ve learned so much about effective supervision. It was delivered with passion and knowledge and included information and approaches that I will carry forward in my role.”

Paul Bird. KWL Chargehand: “Really great insights into managing and motivating my team.”

Roger Grannon, Chief Operations Officer at KWL says: “This is all excellent feedback on the staff development training with Endor Learn and Develop and I have been impressed by their approach throughout the programme. At the end, each delegate receives a personal development profile, containing 100 practical ideas to extend their personal performance at work, which is extremely useful.”