Good rapport is key to customer satisfaction

Nicky Hudson, is one of our Customer Liaison Officers, working as part of the Customer Services team, to support Council tenants and private customers in their homes whilst the KWL teams repair, refurbish and maintain their homes. 

Nicky explains: 

“I spend a lot of time in customers’ homes helping to arrange the works that need to be completed. It can be quite a close relationship and I get to know people well, especially if it’s a kitchen or bathroom re-fit. I am there to support customers throughout the whole process.” 

“I have not been able to carry out my typical job during lockdown as we were unable to enter houses except for emergencies. Instead I have been supporting the Hull Hub, delivering prescriptions and food parcels to those in need. Currently I’m in an administration role helping to organise the repair work which was put on hold due to the Covid outbreak. I actually feel very grateful that KWL were able to switch our roles to provide a vital service throughout this difficult time.” 

“I’m from Hull but lived in Norwich for 10 years, working for HMRC. Following this I moved back to Hull and I’ve been at KWL now for 13 years. Before I became a CLO I worked on the gas section as a contract coordinator – this gave me experience on both sides so I know how things work while I’m out with customers.” 

“Good communication helps the jobs to run smoothly, customers have me to call on and it’s so satisfying to be able to help. We support the elderly, adapting their homes to make them safer and better to move around in. I also work with young families who are just starting out. The key is always to build a good rapport and I sometimes feel a bit sad when the job is finished as I’ve got on with the family so well.” 

“I particularly enjoy being able to turn a challenging situation around. It doesn’t take much to show that we can solve their problems and that I am here to help.” 

“My role does require good organisation. I plan my day based on locations to save time and reduce travelling.” 

“From a personal point of view, last year I adopted my daughter, Ariana who is now 2 years old. I am a single Mum and all of my spare time is spent with my daughter, our family and some really good friends I made through the adoption process.” 

“I am quite ambitious and would love my career to develop at KWL for both mine and my daughter’s futures”. 

“Overall KWL is a fantastic place to work. As employees we are well looked after, offered lots of benefits and there is a good working atmosphere where I have made many close friendships along the way”.