Happy Apprentice

James, 23, is one of our apprentice plumbers, born and bred in Hull. His role involves general house-to-house plumbing maintenance in the area which he really enjoys.

Before joining KWL, James studied BTEC Public Services and Cambridge Technical IT, both of which he enjoyed and when he finished his education, although he had no specific idea what job he wanted to go into, James knew he wanted a practical/manual job.

It was his Aunty who first made him aware of Apprenticeship vacancies with KWL. He explains the interview process wasn’t too long and after a few assessments and a face-to-face interview, he was offered an apprenticeship.

James has been a part of the team for 4 years now and is due to finish his Apprenticeship in coming months.

When asked about his views towards working at KWL, he couldn’t talk more highly of it – he states:
“I really enjoy it – as an apprentice I like it because it is accepted that we are still learning so we are given plenty of time to do a quality job.”

“KWL is a good employer. You only have to ask and our supervisors will help as much as they can. There is nothing about my job I don’t enjoy.”

“For the Apprenticeship training and support, KWL will put always provide support to help us to achieve our qualifications and gain the right experience. I work hard and I feel it is appreciated.”

His favourite aspect about being an apprentice at KWL is the importance placed on each individual Apprentice – giving each person a lot of independence but crucially, as James explains, without being left to feel overwhelmed or isolated.

Outside of work, James says he likes to go the gym and enjoys all kinds of exercise, particularly football.

In future years, he hopes to stay with KWL for a long time: “I thought I’d see where it takes me and hopefully work my way up as others do.”

We are pleased to see James seems very fulfilled in his role as an apprentice plumber and even more so working for KWL.