KWL encourages progression amongst its people

Development roles offer stability as the business evolves.

 Jordan Callis was recently promoted to Electrical Supervisor. He has worked at KWL for over 7 years.

 This promotion follows a 4-month development role within the business.

 KWL has plans in place to ensure people are ready to take on new roles from within the business, when opportunities arise. This not only offers career progression for the team, it also provides stability as the business evolves.

 Prior to working with KWL, Jordan had not long finished his 4-year apprenticeship. Working in the trades often demands working out of the area and electricians, plumbers, etc., with the requirement to spend weekdays away from home.

 Most of KWL’s work is in Kingston upon Hull postcodes which means that employees are able to stay at home with their families.

 Jordan has a young family and after applying for an electrician’s post at KWL, he was very grateful to be based in his home City. He explains:

 “KWL is a fantastic employer. Jobs here are in demand, especially amongst local trades. It’s a huge benefit being able to live and work in the same place.

 “I went to Hessle High School and although I did well at school, I have always been more practical than academic and before leaving school I wanted to get a trade behind me. After attending a few trade events at 16 I thought being an electrician would suit me best.

 “Working at KWL is totally different to other local businesses. It’s a real breath of fresh air with the training provided, provision of great equipment and PPE, excellent benefits plus being home to see my family every night is worth its weight in gold.”

 Jordan is currently supervising periodic inspections in tenanted properties. He says:

 “I’m supervising KWL operatives and sub-contractors who are doing the inspections for us. KWL has anywhere between 5,000-6,500 properties to test each year so it is a huge undertaking.

 “When I first came into this role I completed Site Manager Safety Training (SMSTS) which is great to have under my belt.”

 In his spare time, Jordan loves to watch and play sport. He plays cricket for Hessle Cricket Club and also enjoys playing of golf.