KWL Sponsors Rising Karting Star Charlie Thompson

At just 12 years old, Charlie Thompson is already leaving competitors in his dust on go-kart racing circuits across the UK. This young speed demon from Kingswood has been tearing up tracks and blowing by the competition, despite being the youngest and smallest driver in his class. Now, KWL is proud to get behind Charlie, announcing our sponsorship of this karting phenom for the 2024 racing season.

With blistering lap times and a fearless driving style, Charlie has been making a name for himself in the karting world thanks to his incredible skills behind the wheel and an insatiable passion for going fast. His diminutive stature combined with laser-focused determination give him a distinct edge when it comes to carving up the course.

Whether it’s hugging apexes, nailing the perfect racing line, or pulling off daring overtakes, Charlie has been leaving jaws on the floor and eating his rivals’ dust since discovering his love for karting last year.

A Love for Speed Discovered

Charlie’s love for karting was discovered almost by chance after attending a friend’s go-karting birthday party last year. His parents, Mike and Catherine, quickly realised their son’s affinity for the sport..

“We had no idea Charlie would take to karting so naturally and intensely,” said Catherine. “From that first birthday party, he was hooked. His face just lights up every time he’s behind the wheel.”

An Autistic Driving Force

What makes Charlie’s story even more inspiring is that he is on the autism spectrum. His parents found that traditional team sports were challenging for Charlie due to his autism.

“Karting is the perfect fit because it allows Charlie to hyper-focus on driving and doesn’t require the same social dynamics as team sports,” explained Mike. “He can really shine as an individual competitor.”

A Promising Future with KWL’s Support

KWL is thrilled to come on board as a sponsor for Charlie’s 2024 racing season. The sponsorship will help cover expenses like travel, equipment, and entry fees as he competes at karting competitions nationwide.

“As a Company, we’re always looking to support local young talent, and Charlie’s story immediately captured our Board of Directors’ attention,” said KWL Chief Operations Officer, Roger Grannon. “His dedication to a sport he loves so passionately at such a young age is truly admirable. We can’t wait to see how far karting takes this rising star.”

With KWL’s backing, the Thompson family has high hopes for Charlie’s future in competitive karting and potentially even larger racing aspirations down the road. One thing is for certain – this dynamo from Kingswood is just getting started.