Meet KWL’s Resilient and Inspiring New Senior Contract Coordinator…

… who is also the 5th Strongest Woman, over 40 in England!

KWL is pleased to welcome Nikki Ellerington to our growing team as a Senior Contract Coordinator. Nikki joins four other new hires and in her vital role, Nikki oversees workflow management, ensuring jobs are efficiently assigned to our skilled operatives.

After being made redundant from her previous finance position in March, Nikki seized the opportunity at KWL. In the short time since joining, she has already made a tremendous impact. Not only has Nikki helped onboard and integrate the new team members, but she has also boosted morale through creative initiatives such as Football Shirt Fridays to celebrate the upcoming Euro 24 tournament.

Overcoming Adversity with Resilience and Determination

Nikki’s journey to KWL has been an inspiring one of resilience in the face of major setbacks. A Hull native, she joined the Royal Navy at 17 and was able to pursue her passion for sports, competing in marathons worldwide on behalf of the military. Running her final marathon in 2001, Nikki left the forces to have a family and returned to Hull where she got married and together with her husband, they are raising 4 children.

However, six years ago, Nikki’s athletic dreams were nearly shattered when she suffered a horrific rugby injury. Her ankle shattered and twisted completely, and doctors warned she might never walk again. Undeterred, Nikki focused intensely on rehabilitation. After 6-8 gruelling months, she miraculously took her first steps and even ran a 10K within three years.

A Strongwoman Competitor and Inspiration

Refusing to let her dreams die, Nikki embraced CrossFit to regain her strength. In October 2023, her perseverance paid off as she earned a place competing in the over-40s division at the Official Strongman Games World Finals in West Virginia through an online qualifier.

Over three gruelling days, the mother of four tackled enormous weights; stones, sandbags, backpacks, and 70kg metal blocks. She ranked an impressive 21st out of 28 competitors in her group. Nikki has also competed at Strongman events in England and will soon take on another challenge in Finland.

Balancing Fitness, Family, and Inspiring Youth

When she’s not overseeing operations at KWL, Nikki’s life is a whirlwind of activity. She trains for 1.5 hours daily before work and is passionate about all sports, especially football. With four children aged 13-21, she stays busy supporting their activities.

Nikki also finds time to mentor a youth group at her gym, also training her 13-year-old son and his friend. Her resilience, dedication, and refusal to give up in the face of adversity make Nikki an inspiration to KWL and the Hull community.

We’re honoured to have such a remarkable individual join our team. Join us in welcoming Nikki Ellerington to KWL!

At the weekend, Nikki was hoping for a place in the top 8 in England’s Strongest Masters 2024, she came 5th which means she is the 5th Strongest Woman, in England! Well done Nikki, nothing can stop you now.